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Remote Valve Station Air Manifolds


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Many customers are surprised to learn that our XTREMEAIR® bottom aeration systems can literally "push" air many hundreds of feet. In fact, we have designed systems that pushed air more than 3,000'! This often times will take the place of expensive or ineffective alternatives such as solar or wind powered systems.

The XTREMEAIR® cabinet will be located at some location near a power source. We then "push" the air through 1" non weighted tubing or "trunk" line across the land to the pond or lake. Generally this "trunk" line is buried only a few inches under the soil. Once the "trunk" line is laid and buried, it is attached to the "remote location valve station" you see here. The "trunk" line is connected to the remote valve station on one side, valves inside then adjust air flow to the "feeder" lines coming out the other side of the remote valve station. These "feeder" lines are set up to accommodate our 1/2" AQUALINE™ self sinking tubing which of course will be laid out in the water and attached to the AIRBASE™ self sinking diffusers to complete the system.

  • Easy Access To Valves
  • Easily Splits Air At Waters Edge
  • Length: 21" x Width: 15" x Height: 12"
  • Made From Extremely Durable Plastic
  • Will Not Cave In When Back-filled With Dirt
  • Manifold Trunk Line Barb Fitting Set Up For 1"
  • Manifold Weighted Tubing Barb Fittings Set Up For 1/2"

Please note, these remote valve stations are considered a "special order" item, please see our "Refunds Policy" for full details on this merchandise.