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GENAIR Product Testimonials

Geoff [Greenwich, CT]
Several years ago [July 2010], I ordered an aeration kit from this company in order to prevent fish kill in my shallow, Bass and Bluegill filled pond. After several years of excellent aeration, the compressor finally gave up the ghost. So, I ordered a replacement genAIR-484XL compressor to replace my old unit. My new unit arrived in less than a week even though my address is half a country away. I had it up and bubbling vigorously in a couple of minutes and the fish are very happy to once again be swimming in oxygen-rich water. Great customer service.

Andrew [Keystone, SD]
We built a smallish farm type pond for wildlife just over 2 years ago and were regularly pulling algae out by the end of summer and so started doing some research online and found Aeration Supply. Great company, very knowledgeable and helpful. We purchased a genAIR-484, a dual diffuser for our pond, it’s approximately 48’ x 60’ and has steep sides to a depth of 6’ 6”. It has been running non-stop for about eighteen months until last week when the diaphragms broke. I was quick to call Lisa and parts were in the mail, got them in a couple of days. Put the rebuild kit in and runs just like before. I made the mistake of covering mine, didn’t seem right to leave it exposed to the elements, but avoid the temptation, even with what I determined was good ventilation it ran too hot and caused the diaphragms to fail. So, it sits uncovered now. We have some great Koi and good old Goldfish and they winter through no problem. Great company, great products. Thanks, from the Black Hills of SD

Jeff [Clarkston, MI]
"We purchased your GENAIR small pond aerator 7 years ago and it has run flawlessly. This past year, it stopped working and Joel helped us figure out the problem over the phone and suggested a rebuilt kit that is available through your site. Joel was exceptionally helpful and provided excellent customer service. Our aerator is functioning at full capacity and our pond is extremely clear. Not only did Joel initially help us design our aeration system, he continues to go out of his way to help us out whenever we have a question. I would highly recommend this company for all of the reasons mentioned above."

Roger [Philpot, KY]
"Purchased the GENAIR-484XL 3 years ago. Has been working great. The only times it had been not working is when someone unplugged it. It has not given me a bit of trouble, just set it up and forget it. If it ever goes out, I would have no problem getting another one!!!"

Joseph Eilers - Prof. Hydrologist-WQ [MaxDepth Aquatics, Inc - Bend, OR]
"I recently purchased and installed a GENAIR aeration system for my 70,000 gallon koi/irrigation pond. I had previously installed a grid-powered circulation device that was on loan from the company I worked for at the time. The circulator seemed to work fine and I was reasonably pleased with the results. When I had to return the circulator, I searched for a replacement and located your aeration system on-line. I was skeptical that this small aeration system would be sufficient for my pond, but was pleasantly surprised when I turned it on. Your circular diffuser put out a near-uniform circular pattern that vigorously bubbled to the surface. Not only does the aerator circulate my pond faster than the circulator, but I now have the benefit of aeration for the fish (the circulator had no published oxygen transfer rate). The remarkable part of this story is that your aeration system cost about 10% of the retail price of the circulator and it has a lower power consumption rate than the circulator! "

DeEtte H. [Elba, ID]
"I am thrilled with our GENAIR 484XL and 3 diffusers. When I called Joel to ask for his advise for a solution to our smelly, green pond, I was amazed at his knowledge and friendly eagerness to help me. Our pond is 30,000 gls. and we were fighting circulation problems. When I received the packages (only 5 days later), I called Joel to tell him how impressed I was with the heavy duty construction that went into the airbase,diffusers and the GENAIR compressor was absolute quality and very quiet! We noticed improvement in 5 days; by 2 weeks we were able to see the fish and rocks at the bottom of the pond. The fish are staying down at the bottom instead of hanging out at the top. We also noticed the effectiveness of the bacteria treatments are working better and faster. This was the best purchase we've ever made. I'm glad we didn't go to multiple or bigger pumps trying to get air and circulation. Thank You Aeration Supply , this was the answer to our problem's. Price, Quality, Unbeatable!!"

Paul S. [Reelsville, IN]
"Three yrs. ago I bought my home. It has a 3/4 ac. pond 9'deep, 30+ yrs. old surrounded by trees. Severe duckweed and watermeal problems in the summer from all the gunk on the bottom. Installed the GENAIR 384 in April. Did not expect instant results but after just 4 months the weeds are gone and the water is much clearer. When I first installed it the water coming up from the bottom looked like coffee. When my dog wades in now the water turns brown instead of black. Very quiet operation too. About as loud as an electric razor. Definitely glad I bought it."

Walter K. [Eau Claire, WI]
"I have a small pond with some sunfish and bass and needed a pond bubbler. I looked everywhere and could not find what I felt was a good deal. I came across this place and bought a GENAIR 384-XL for the pond. The guy said it would be really quiet and really help the pond. He said to add that bacteria to and it would eat the junk in the pond. I'm happy with the whole thing and would recommend one to anyone."