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Shipping Information

Shipping Policy [UPS] and [USPS]: Aeration Supply, Inc uses UPS [United Parcel Service] and the [United States Postal Service] as our primary “small package” shippers. You may track your UPS or USPS small package by going to their websites. The vast majority of AQUAMASTER® surface fountains and aerators will ship UPS. Most of our GENAIR™ small pond aerators, XTREMEAIR® 1, 2 and 3 systems, AIRBOOST™ Minis, pond bacteria and boxed rolls of tubing will also ship UPS. It is UPS’ policy that they may leave a package at your door if someone is not available to receive the package. We do not require a signature for delivery unless the customer requests it. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the package for damage. If damage is present please contact us at 715-821-5554 for further instructions. Aeration Supply, Inc. its affiliate or agents is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged freight.

Shipping Policy [R&L Motor Freight]: Aeration Supply, Inc utilizes R&L Motor Freight as our primary “large package\order” shipper. You may access their website at Our XTREMEAIR® 4, 5 and 6 as well as the XTREMEAIR® DCRs® and other heavy freight may also ship via R&L motor freight or similar carrier. MULTIWEAVE™ Pond Liners and other products may also ship via R&L depending on circumstances. In addition, larger reels of tubing will always ship R&L Freight or similar carrier.

Please Note: It is the policy of Aeration Supply, Inc and R&L Freight Company and similar companies, that a person of legal age be present at the time of delivery. Failure to have a person available at the time of delivery will incur additional fees for re-delivery that the customer will be responsible for.

Once your order is built, packaged and placed on a skid for delivery you will be notified by an Aeration Supply, Inc representative. The Aeration Supply, Inc representative will give you a “Pro Number” which is your tracking number and the phone number of the R&L terminal near you. You may track your package at The Aeration Supply, Inc representative will also give you a tentative day that you may receive your freight. However, it will be the consumer’s responsibility to contact the R&L terminal directly to find out exactly what day the freight will be expected for delivery. After R&L has been contacted by the customer it is imperative that the customer understand that R&L Freight may arrive at any time on that day. If R&L Freight attempts a delivery and the customer or a representative of the customer, for whatever reason is not available, R&L will contact Aeration Supply, Inc and another day will be scheduled. If a re-delivery occurs, the customer will be charged a re-delivery fee of $80 to $150 depending on the distance from the R&L terminal.

A forklift is not required in most cases as R&L freight can set the skid on the ground for you. The exception is MULTIWEAVE™ Pond Liner which always must be removed by use of a forklift.

R&L Motor Freight may occasionally charge other fees such as limited access fees, residential delivery fees or fuel surcharges. Aeration Supply, Inc makes every effort to charge the customer only that amount charged to us by the freight company. Aeration Supply, Inc does not “up charge” for freight. Any additional fees beyond that which was quoted is the customer’s responsibility to pay for.

Please Note: MULTIWEAVE™ Pond Liner deliveries will require a fork-lift with fork extensions to remove the liner from the truck. It is the customer’s responsibility to be prepared for delivery of any MULTIWEAVE™ pond liners.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the package for damage. If damage is present, please contact us at 715-821-5554 for further instructions.

Damaged Shipments: It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect shipments once they arrive. Inspect your shipment carefully before you sign for the merchandise. If you find damage to either the shipping box or the merchandise, you may refuse delivery without penalty. Once you sign for the merchandise, the carrier and Aeration Supply, Inc is no longer liable for shortages or damage to the merchandise.

Special Orders [Pond Liners and Pond Fountains\Aerators]: Anytime a “Special Order” such as any MULTIWEAVE™, AQUAMASTER® product is placed no order cancellations, refunds or change orders will be permitted under any circumstances. When a customer orders a custom sized pond liner that we then order through our vendor\MFG that was placed to the customer’s specifications or a pond fountain or surface aerator that we order through our vendor\MFG with the customer’s specific requested cord length, voltage, phase or light kit, order cancellations, change orders, or refunds will not be permitted under any circumstances.

Canceled Orders Policy [Before Shipping]: When a customer makes a purchase and cancels their order on the same day, by 3:00pm Central Time, we will cancel the order without a restock fee applying. However, when a customer makes a purchase and cancels the order after 3:00pm Central Time there may be a 3% restock fee that applies. If a restock fee is applied to the order, we will reimburse the customer the total purchase price, less 3%, via a company check to the purchaser of record 3 business days after the order was canceled.

Returns|Refunds Policy [After Shipping]: Please see "Refunds Policy" at bottom of website for details.

Payment Options: Our customers may purchase products in three ways.

Delivered Orders Not Received By Consumer: In the event that our carrier has delivered your package but you believe the package was delivered to another address. You agree to allow Aeration Supply, Inc and our carrier to locate the package and deliver to you. This could take up to 14 days. In the event the issue is not resolved, Aeration Supply may issue a credit or refund depending on the circumstances surrounding the delivery.

Credit Card- We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and other similar forms of credit. However, we only accept charges up to a maximum credit card charged amount of $4,000.00. Amounts greater than $4,000.00 are required to submit payment by bank wire, bank check, business or personal checks. Please call us for bank wire instructions.

Personal or Business Checks- We will accept a personal or business checl. The check must clear our bank before shipment is made. We require a 10 day waiting period for personal checks to clear our bank. Please call ahead so you have accurate shipping charges before sending your check.

Bank Wire- Please call us for wiring instructions. This is often the most efficient, effective way for us to process your larger motor freight orders. It is very easy to do.