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ECONOAIR Large Pond and Lake Aerators & DIY Systems

In this section we offer our customers customizable aeration systems.  Occasionally our customer's find that they would prefer to have the air compressor component of their pond and lake bottom aeration system located in a barn, pump-house, out-building or other structure. For this reason, a cabinet to house the air compressor and protect it from the rain, snow and dust is not required.

[a structure of some kind is required however on ALL piston or vane compressors to keep them out of the elements] We have designed the ECONOAIR™ complete pond and lake aeration kit specifically for this customer. If you need assistance determining the proper unit, click on the "Pond Calculator" link here, or give us call at 715-821-5554, we're here to help.

The ECONOAIR™ Wall Mount Manifold pond aerator is a complete pond and lake aeration package and includes single or dual piston air compressor(s) pre mounted on our exclusive compressor pedestal, our proprietary aluminum air manifold and mounting bracket and our own line of self sinking airBASE™ diffuser[s].

Our ECONOAIR™ pond and lake aerators are proudly Made In The USA!

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: All ECONOAIR™ sub surface aeration systems must house the air compressor inside a building | barn | or other structure to keep it out of the rain and/or snow.  Ventilation is critical to keep the air compressor cool during operation.

Now for the DIY customers: we offer our standard and deluxe cabinets as a stand alone item or in a package form.  We offer multiple cabinets to accommodate your compressor or ours.  You may choose from several size cabinets, wired with a power cord option, and a cooling fan option.  More options, more choices, more value for our customers.

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ECONOAIR-200 [1/3hp] Non Cabinet Pond and Lake Aerator [For .5 to 1.5 Surface Acres]
From $1,264.00 - $1,757.00
ECONOAIR-300 [1/2hp] Non Cabinet Pond and Lake Aerator [For 2 to 4 Surface Acres]
From $1,685.00 - $2,178.00
ECONOAIR-600 [1.0hp] Non Cabinet Pond and Lake Aerator [For 4 to 8 Surface Acres]
From $3,184.00 - $3,702.00
ECONOAIR-400 [3/4hp] Non Cabinet Pond and Lake Aerator [For 3 to 7 Surface Acres]
From $2,090.00 - $2,593.00
Aeration Supply Standard & Deluxe Lockable Steel Cabinet