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Single Piece RPE Pond Liners

Note... For  MULTIWEAVE™ pond liner sizing and shipping estimates please see our "Pond Liner Calculator" under the Resources|Calculators tab above.

Many of our customers have tried bentonite clay or other means to try and hold water for their farm pond or other body of water. Occasionally this will work, but generally this is not a long term solution. Ultimately, this type of approach fails and a pond liner is required for a long-term solution. Our MULTIWEAVE™ brand is available in a 3-layer woven RPE [Reinforced PolyEthylene] material. We offer a 20-mil, 24-mil, 30-mil and 40mil pond liner depending on your requirements. Each single piece pond liner is made to order with any dimensions you require up to 50,000 square feet.  The minimum order size is 5,000 square feet.

The Aeration Supply, Inc MULTIWEAVE™ pond liner is Made In The USA!l]

    How To Calculate MULTIWEAVE™ Pond Liner Dimensions Before Purchasing:

    Step [1] Use a 300' tape measure and measure the longest axis of the pond. Do not pull the tape tight, you want it to lay on the ground, down the side, across the bottom and up the other side. Add an additional 5' or more on each end to tuck the liner.

    Step [2] Repeat step one except this time measure the widest axis of the pond. Again do not pull the tape taught, leave it lay on the ground. Again, add an additional 5' or more for tucking. Once you have done this call for a shipping quote.


    • Pond Length [L] + Pond Depth [D] + Overage [O] = Total Length of Pond Liner
    • Pond Width [W] + Pond Depth [D] + Overage [O] = Total Width of Pond Liner
    • Total Length of Pond Liner x Total Width of Pond Liner = Total sqft. Required

    Note... For  MULTIWEAVE™ pond liner sizing and shipping estimates please see our "Pond Liner Calculator" under the Resources|Calculators tab above.

    Shipping MULTIWEAVE™ Pond Liners:

    MULTIWEAVE™ Pond Liners are shipped in single panel rolls in sizes from 5,000 square feet to as much as 50,000 square feet. The liner is wrapped very well for shipping via motor freight or private trucker. You must have a forklift or front end loader with forks on your end to take the skid off the truck. [see weight per sq ft above depending on mil] Once the skid with the liner is removed you will see two [2] separate grease pen arrows on the roll. These arrows show you how the liner is to be unrolled. Set the roll in the appropriate corner of the pond, not down in the center. Unroll the liner using the strap that has been wrapped up into the liner. [see picture above] Once the liner is unrolled simple gather a group of people along the ege of the liner and walk it down one side, across the bottom, and up the other side. Tuck the liner on the edges and your done. We do have detailed drawings on how to trench and tuck the liner should you request that.

    Samples of MULTIWEAVE™ Pond Liners:

    Here is an example of grading for a farm pond before the MULTIWEAVE™ liner install

    Here are a couple examples of what it should look like when your MULTIWEAVE™ pond liner is installed


     Here is an example of how the MULTIWEAVE™ pond liner is shipped

    Give our office a call at 715-821-5554 to get your liner and shipping quote. MULTIWEAVE™ pond liners generally ship within 2 weeks of the date of order.

    Special Note: Please read our order and shipping policies found on this website as it relates to MULTIWEAVE Pond Liners.  These liners are special order products and accuracy on the part of the buyer is paramount in both the ordering process and receiving the freight.  Do your homework, once a liner is ordered in CANNOT be changed!