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XTREMEAIR Premium Pond and Lake Aerators

More than 25 years ago we developed the XTREMEAIR® large pond & lake aerators.  Our newest patented design offers the absolute best compressor cooling capabilities in the industry. Since then, we've sold hundreds of these units and we hope our next customer is you. If you have questions or need assistance determining the proper unit, click on the "Pond Calculator" link here, or contact a pond specialist at 715-821-5554, we're always here to help. And you'll be happy to know, your XTREMEAIR® pond and lake aeration system was proudly made right here in the USA!

NEW for 2023! Our re-imagined, redesigned and repackaged XTREMEAIR® air compressor enclosure cabinet packs just as much punch as previous models, but in a more compact design. Of course our new XTREMEAIR® still utilizes our patented "Supercool Technology" which releases large amounts of hot air that can build up inside the cabinet and replaces it with cool fresh outside air at a very rapid rate. This technology is manufactured into every XTREMEAIR® enclosure which simply means your air compressor will operate at a much cooler temperature and thus greatly extend the operational life expected of your air compressor.  The XTREMEAIR® fresh new color scheme and smaller footprint will aid in working the aeration system into any landscape. The redesigned enclosure still utilizes our consumer friendly handles on each side and now allows you to see your PSI gauge easily through the window located on the front of the cabinet.

The all new XTREMEAIR® pond and lake aeration systems have been designed in a way that allows you the consumer to select just the right system for your personal needs. Our patented aeration systems come with your selection of a 1/4hp single piston [SP] air compressor, 1/2hp double piston [DP] air compressor or a 3/4hp double piston [DP] air compressor to meet your individual requirements. Aquatic lifting, turnover of the water and ultimately gas exchange is usually our, and your primary goal. The XTREMEAIR® offers you a variety of self-sinking diffuser bases selections as well. Put it all together and you have an aeration system that is ready to outperform, outlast and outclass any of our competitors for years to come.

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XTREMEAIR-4-DP Premium Pond and Lake Aeration System [For 3 to 6 Surface Acres]
From $3,073.00 - $3,576.00
XTREMEAIR-3-DP Premium Pond and Lake Aeration System [For 2 to 4 Surface Acres]
From $2,606.00 - $3,099.00
XTREMEAIR-2-DP Premium Pond and Lake Aeration System [For .75 to 3 Surface Acres]
From $2,358.00 - $3,007.00
XTREMEAIR-345-SP Premium Pond and Lake Aeration System [For .75 to 1.25 Surface Acres]
From $2,325.00 - $2,818.00
XTREMEAIR-245-SP Premium Pond and Lake Aeration System [For .50 to 1 Surface Acres]
From $2,142.00 - $2,635.00
XTREMEAIR-145-SP Premium Pond and Lake Aeration System [For .25 to 1 Surface Acres]
From $1,916.00 - $2,409.00
XTREMEAIR-6 Premium Pond and Lake Aeration System [For 5 to 8 Surface Acres]
From $4,284.00 - $4,802.00
XTREMEAIR-DCR8 Premium Pond and Lake Aeration System [For 4 to 7 Surface Acres]
From $4,125.00 - $4,643.00