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OPTUM Diaphragm Air Compressors

OPTUM diaphrahm air compressors are the serious pond owners choice when dependable and affordable aeration is desired. Compact & Powerful: Our OPTUM diaphragm compressors incorporate oscillating electromagnetic engineering which act around permanent magnets, providing perfectly balanced operation while making the units incredibly quiet! Reliable: Because there are very few moving parts in each OPTUM air compressor, the likely hood and frequency of potential internal part failure is greatly reduced. The only moving parts consist of an actuating rod supported by special synthetic rubber diaphragms which vibrate laterally, permitting long-term continuous operation. Extremely Quiet: All internal moving parts on OPTUM air compressors are rubber-spaced to eliminate vibration and a heavy-duty thick-walled metal casing aids in noise reduction. These systems are so quiet in fact that variations of these air compressors are used in the medical field. Low Energy Consumption: Because of the electromagnetic design of the OPTUM diaphragm compressors, there is no need for sliding parts in the engineering of the units. This greatly reduces power consumption while at the same time allows each air compressor to maintain a high level of efficiency and offer long-term reliability. Oiless Design: As we have stated there are no sliding parts with OPTUM compressors. Unlike conventional compressor designs that transfer oil-contaminated air into the aquatic environment, the design of these air compressors are such that oil lubrication is neither desired or required! This creates a very important advantage in that the expended air is always clean.

UL Listed: Each of these diaphragm compressors are UL listed which means they can be used in an outdoor environment WITHOUT the added expense of a compressor cabinet.
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