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GENAIR Small Pond Aerators

More than 20 years ago we developed the GENAIR™ small pond & water garden aerators specifically for the small pond and koi pond owner. No cabinet is required! Since then, we've sold thousands of these units and we hope your our next customer. If you need assistance determining the proper unit, click on the "Pond Calculator" link here, or give us call at 715-821-5554, we're here to help.

These small pond aerators are ideally suited for ponds from 5,000 gallons in size to approximately 1-million gallons or up to 1-surface acre.  Each GENAIR™ pond aerator utilizes a top-of-the-line diaphragm compressor rated for outdoor use. Each small pond aeration system also comes standard with our self sinking airBASE™ diffusers and aquaLINE™ self sinking tubing making them a complete, simple to install small pond or koi pond aeration kit. Our GENAIR™ pond aerators are proudly Made In The USA!

Every GENAIR™ small pond aerator is pre-engineered to deliver maximum aeration and circulation for the pond size listed in each description. Each of our GENAIR™ small pond diffused aeration systems come complete with compressor, weighted tubing and diffuser assembly. GENAIR™ small pond aerators are delivered UPS and ready for easy assembly and installation upon arrival.  After 20 years in the field, we know that GENAIR™ small pond aerators are by far, the best built, quietest, longest lasting and most economical small pond aerators available on the market today.

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GENAIR-384 Small Pond Aerator [For Ponds To 140,000 Gallons]
GENAIR-484 Small Pond Aerator [For Ponds To 325,000 Gallons]
GENAIR-384-XL Small Pond Aerator [For Ponds To 140,000 Gallons]
GENAIR-484-XL Small Pond Aerator [For Ponds To 350,000 Gallons]
GENAIR-584 Small Pond Aerator [For Ponds To 600,000 Gallons]