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MultiWeave Pond Liner Order Terms and Conditions


Thank you for your order of a MultiWeave pond liner.

Your MultiWeave pond liner will be fabricated to your specific dimensions and mil. You agree that you have taken the appropriate measurements and know with certainty the size and mil of the pond liner you are purchasing. You agree that once your pond liner has been special ordered for fabrication that altering, or cancelling your order is not allowed under this agreement. This MultiWeave pond liner is being fabricated to the exact dimensions that you have measured and provided us, therefore it is unique to your job site. For this reason, no alterations or changes of any kind are permissible once the liner is ordered.

Additionally, you must have adequate area for a large truck to access and operate on your job site. You must have adequate equipment available at the job site on the day of delivery to remove the liner safely from the truck. This may be a large forklift, front end loader with forks etc. It will be your responsibility to have adequate equipment on site.

Your MultWeave pond liner will be shipped via "common carrier" or "independent trucking" depending on the circumstances. We, and the driver make every effort to have an arrival date for you pond liner. However, weather, traffic and other variables can change this date or time without notice. You agree to be available on the day the liner is scheduled for delivery. Failure to be on site, and ready for your pond liner could result in scheduling delays for others.

Because of the potential cost of a MultiWeave pond liner, we will accept credit card payments up to maximum amount of $5,000. Any pond liner order exceeding this amount must be pre-paid by personal or business check.  All pond liners must be paid for in advance before we make an order with our MFG.

Once your MultiWeave pond liner is delivered installation is generally very fast. Simply roll the liner out the long axis of the pond, and then unfold it across your pond and your done. If you need further information on this process contact a representative and we'll be glad to assist you.

We thank you very much for your business.

And we love to get your before and after pictures too.

Aeration Supply, Inc.