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Lockable Steel Air Compressor Cabinets

For the DIY customer we have these lockable steel cabinets to house your piston or rotary vane air compressor[s].  Choose either our "Standard" cabinet or "Standard Deluxe" cabinet based on your individual needs. These cabinets are made from 14 gauge galvanized steel and powder coated with a dark green paint.  Each cabinet is constructed with a stainless steel lock to protect against vandalism. Included is a compressor mounting plate that keeps the compressor up of the cabinet floor.  Other features Include:

These cabinets are designed to accommodate our RELIANCE 3.5 1/3hp single piston compressor, RELIANCE 5.5 1/2hp double piston compressor, RELIANCE SRC 3/4hp double piston compressor, Rotary Vane 1/4hp, 3/4hp and 1hp models.

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Aeration Supply Standard & Deluxe Lockable Steel Cabinet