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Benefits Of Natural Bacterial Additives

Aeration Supply, Inc. offers our customers numerous pond and lake care products to keep their pond or lake aesthetically pleasing and inviting. Most of our customers looking for pond & lake care products are classified into one of two categories. Those customers who have taken the necessary steps with aeration and bacteria additives are often referred to as "proactive" in keeping their pond or lake in an ecological balanced state. These customers recognize the benefits that aeration and bacteria can provide.

Occasionally however, ponds and lakes can become out of balance due to a variety of natural and man made factors. When this occurs ponds and lakes can be overwhelmed with algae and aquatic weeds to the point where aeration and bacteria alone cannot solve the problem. At this point, the customer is forced to be "reactive" and the use of chemical algaecides and or herbicides is required to bring the pond or lake back into balance.

Excessive growth of aquatic weeds and algae is something most pond owners are forced to deal with sooner or later. Because most ponds are dug in low areas they are a natural catch basins for runoff. Over time the nutrients and fertilizers that are carried in by the runoff cause excessive weed growth. The use of pond bacterias and aeration are the most effective long-term ways of controlling aquatic weeds and algae. Chemical control of aquatic weeds and algae are typically short-term solutions for dealing with these problems. Unfortunately, no single chemical product will control all types of weeds. Instead, proper identification of weeds is necessary so the proper product can be used.

Usually one or two weeds will be the thickest is the pond and they should by treated first. If there are other types of weeds left after treatment they can by dealt with or left if they're not too thick. Some weed cover is good for fish structure. After identifying your weeds proper dosages and application are important. Most products need to reach a certain concentration to be effective and under applying the product will often provide poor results. Also, how chemicals are applied can effect the results. Treatments should not be made after a heavy rain or any time the pond has been stirred up. Wait until the water settles before applying. Best results are obtained by treating on a sunny morning so as the plants draw in the sunlight they also draw in the treatment. All of the products we sell for aquatic weed and algae treatments are safe to use with fish when used according to the directions label. Fish kills can result however if excessive product is used or from an oxygen depletion as a result of the dying weeds. In most cases if the chemical is going to harm the fish it will occur soon after treatment is applied. If the fish react after a couple of days then its usually a result of oxygen loss. Depending on the product, it is usually best to treat small amounts of the pond at a time to prevent oxygen depletion or have an aeration system running to be safe. (Usually treat 1/4 to 1/3 of the pond at one time).

Solutions for the control of aquatic weeds: Pond owners have several options for controlling aquatic weeds and algae before and after they grow excessively. In our opinion, the most natural and effective way of controlling aquatic weeds is the combination of our pond bacteria and an aeration system. A certain level of aquatic weeds and algae will always be present in the pond. Your goal should be to keep them under control, while preserving their role of oxygen production, food for insects, and other invertebrates and cover for your fish population. chemicals are options worth considering if and when aquatic weeds and/or algae gets out of control.

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