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Aeration Supply, Inc. has been helping improve our aquatic environments for more than 20 years.  We proudly design, engineer and manufacture the highest quality sub surface pond aerators and lake aeration equipment in the industry today.  We have many pond and lake aerators available to choose from. Or, we can easily customize any type of bottom aquatic aeration system to fit your unique requirements.  In addition, we offer multiple lines of pond fountains and high oxygen surface aerators that can significantly increase the oxygen levels in your pond or lake. Our design staff and customer support personnel are happy to assist you with all your aeration needs. We'll be here "For the life of your pond". Thanks for your business.

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Submitted 9/16 Albert [Chicago, IL]

"We are a large engineering company and needed to purchase a highly dependable air compressor for a large aeration job for a client. After thorough research, we purchased 13 of the RELIANCE 5.5 air compressors. The primary purpose was to deice through the winter around multiple water intake nozzles. In addition, we purchased many of the Aeration Supply air diffusers and many reels of the weighted tubing too. We could not be happier with the performance and would highly recommend this unit for any aeration requirements you may have."

Submitted 9/14 Jeff [Clarkston, MI]

"We purchased your GENAIR small pond aerator 7 years ago and it has run flawlessly. This past year, it stopped working and Joel helped us figure out the problem over the phone and suggested a rebuilt kit that is available through your site. Joel was exceptionally helpful and provided excellent customer service. Our aerator is functioning at full capacity and our pond is extremely clear. Not only did Joel initially help us design our aeration system, he continues to go out of his way to help us out whenever we have a question. I would highly recommend this company for all of the reasons mentioned above."

Submitted 7/15 Chris [Elkton, OR]

"Our six-diffuser aeration system was outdated and three of the six units were failing. Researching options for replacement, I looked at a variety of vendors. I found Aeration Supply to have the best options for systems, quality parts and cabinet specs. Working with Lisa was great from start to finish. Mapping the location [4.5 acres] it was determined that an XTREMEAIR-6 would be best. Directions were well written, and installation was a snap with the “plug and play” aspects from start to finish. Quality is the best way to describe the entire system. I would recommend Aeration Supply to anyone who needs a system."