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XTREMEAIR Product Testimonials

Hadden [Brecksville, OH]
We purchased an XTREMEAIR - 2 in 2012. We love it and it continues to be maintenance free. We run the unit 24 hours /day from April through November. Previous units of different brands only lasted about two seasons.

Matt [Soda Springs, CA]
Thank you so much for your efforts to keep us running well. It is greatly appreciated and speaks volumes on your high standard of customer service. We have been very pleased with your products which have worked out great for us.

Anthony [Hollywood, FL]
Purchased the XTREMEAIR system (3 diffusers, 1/2hp compressor) about 2+ years ago for my daughter's small lake. Service and delivery was excellent even though I live in South Florida. Can't say enough for their patience and guidance in selecting a system. Recently the compressor developed a problem, and after shipping it to them for evaluation, they decided to repair it under warranty, even though it just lapsed a couple months earlier. Thank you Lisa, and the whole team… you are the place to go for products and service.
Thank you.

Chris [Elkton, OR]
Our six-diffuser aeration system was outdated and three of the six units were failing. Researching options for replacement, I looked at a variety of vendors. I found Aeration Supply to have the best options for systems, quality parts and cabinet specs. Working with Lisa was great from start to finish. Mapping the location [4.5 acres] it was determined that an XTREMEAIR would be best. Directions were well written, and installation was a snap with the “plug and play” aspects from start to finish. Quality is the best way to describe the entire system. I would recommend Aeration Supply to anyone who needs a system. Hint: Use a label maker for labeling the hose and layout of your pond!

Jeff [Elgin, IL]
"I have just ordered and installed rebuild kits for the system I purchased about four years ago. The pumps lasted about four years non-stop and installing the kits was easy! Very pleased with the system it does a great job on the two ponds I have fully stocked. Thanks again for the system as well as your help with the rebuild kits. Great product!"

Roger A. [Deville, LA]
"I bought a pond aerator from XTREMEAIR. I liked how easy it was to put in my 3 acre pond. The diffuser bases and air tubes were really easy to install as was the compressor cabinet. We just plugged it in and WHOLA! I'm very happy with the purchase and would easily recommend one to anybody. I might buy another one for our cabin pond."

Kevin and Mary B. [Exton, PA]
"The XTREMEAIR pond aerator was everything we expected and more. Our pond took on a whole new look and smell after we installed it. We like the pond dye too. Joel was incredibly helpful and helped guide us into the right unit."