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RELIANCE Piston Air Compressors

After extensive research and testing in collaboration with our manufacturer, the RELIANCE™ brand of air compressors was developed for our aeration customers. The RELIANCE air compressors were specifically designed for the demanding job of continuous duty operation for the pond and lake aeration industry. RELIANCE™ air compressors offer these specific benefits over our competitors:

Long Service Life | Low Power Consumption | Low Sound Levels | Corrosion Resistance | Oil-less Operation | UL Listed | Made In The USA!

RELIANCE™ air compressors are available in a 1/3hp single piston and a 1/2hp double piston design. Both are available in either 120v or 230v.

These air compressors must be housed in some sort of cabinet or structure to keep them out of the rain, snow, dust or other elements natural or man-made.

The RELIANCE 5.5™ 1/2hp and RELIANCE 6.5 SRC air compressor can replace and upgrade the Thomas 1/3hp Model 2680CE44 [120v] and Model 2680CGHI42 [240v] compressor as it has the same footprint and thread count for vibration isolators [boots].
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RELIANCE 6.5 SRC - 1/2hp Double Piston Air Compressor
RELIANCE 3.5 - 1/3hp Single Piston Air Compressor