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RELIANCE 5.5 - 1/2hp Double Piston Air Compressor

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The 1/2hp RELIANCE 5.5™ oil-less dual piston air compressor is our flagship air compressor and is used in many of our ECONOAIR® lake and pond aeration systems. The RELIANCE 5.5™ double piston air compressor has been field proven to outperform many other compressors in both CFM delivered and amp draw while under load. Each RELIANCE 5.5™ air compressor includes [1] high performance canister|filter, [4] single stud vibration isolators. Pack of [4] double stud vibration isolators sold separately.

 RELIANCE 5.5 HP Amps CFM Cord Length Piston
RELIANCE 5.5 | 120v 1/2 5.0 | 120v
5.0 6' Double
RELIANCE 5.5 | 240v 1/2 2.5 | 240v
5.0 6' Double

Performance and reliability of the RELIANCE 5.5™ 1/2hp air compressor are the key reasons this compressor is an industry leader. Designed for both shallow-water and deep-water applications the RELIANCE 5.5™ rocking piston compressors will outperform and outlast all other brands. These air compressors have the capability to push air up to 2,000 feet from the unit location.

The RELIANCE 5.5™ double piston compressor is engineered and designed for continuous, non-stop operation. Occasional filter replacements are recommended and available on the website.

RELIANCE 5.5™ air compressors are UL Listed and is available in both 120v and 240v configurations. For dependable, quiet and field proven reliability, go with RELIANCE™ air compressors. These air compressors must be housed in some sort of cabinet or structure to keep them out of the rain, snow, dust or other elements natural or man-made.

RELIANCE 5.5™ is Made In The USA !

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