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GENAIR-584 ELITE Premium Small Pond Aerator | Full Package [For Ponds To 600,000 Gallons]

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The GENAIR-584 ELITE premium small pond aerator includes these important FEATURES:

  • Compressor Dimensions: L-10" x W-8" x H-9"
  • Compact and Powerful Diaphragm Air Compressor
  • Designed For Round | Oval | Tear-Drop Shaped Ponds
  • Self Sinking Tubing With Self Sinking Air Diffuser Assembly
  • Proven Reliability and Durability In Most Climates
  • Very Low Power Consumption Operates On Pennies A Day
  • Extremely Quiet Operation Barely Audible At 10' Away
  • Comprehensive System Warranty On All Major Components
GENAIR Pond Aerator Internal Components Total System Quantity Total System Amps
Compressor Voltage Total System CFM
OPTUM 120 Elite Compressor 1 1.7 115v-120v 4.8
CM-3 airBASE Assemblies 1 - - -
5/8" aquaLINE Weighted Tubing 100' - - -
6' Power Cord With Plug 1 - - -
Warranty Years 2 - - -


Rec Pond Size Rec Pond Depth Max Tubing Length
To 600,000 Gallons Max Operating Depth 12' 200'


The GENAIR-584 ELITE small pond aerator includes these important BENEFITS:

  • Increased dissolved oxygen levels and gas exchange throughout the entire aquatic ecosystem
  • Complete water column “lifting”, "entraining" and "de-stratification"
  • Increases naturally occurring biological activity and life
  • Releases harmful gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia
  • Reduces aquatic weed growth when combined with bacteria additives
  • De-ices in cold climates to greatly minimize seasonal fish kills
  • No electricity in the water for safe operation in all seasons
  • Routinely operate up to 5 years non stop
  • Best small pond aerator on the market!

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