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ECONOAIR-300 [1/2hp] Pond and Lake Aerator [For 2 to 4 Surface Acres]


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Special Notice: As of Sept 1, 2022 we will be using the RELIANCE 6.5 SRC for the compressor on this product.

The ECONOAIR-300 1/2hp pond and lake aerator includes these important FEATURES:

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: All ECONOAIR™ sub surface aeration systems must house the air compressor inside a building | barn | or other structure to keep it out of the rain and/or snow. 

Ventilation is also critical to keep the air compressor cool during operation.

  • RELIANCE Air Compressor Pre-Mounted On Heavy-Duty Steel Pedestal
  • Steel Wall Mounting Bracket With Pre-Mounted Air Manifold
  • Air Manifold Includes Pressure Relief Valve and Pressure Gauge
  • Air Manifold Includes 3 Ball Valves For Up To 3 Airline Runs
  • Air Manifold Mounts Inside or Outside Of Building | Structure
  • Comprehensive System Warranty On All Major Components
ECONOAIR Pond Aerator Internal Components Total System Quantity Total System Amps
Total System Horsepower Total System CFM
Reliance 6.5 SRC Air Compressor 1 5.0 | 120v
1/2 HP 5.5
CM-2 Diffuser Assemblies 3 - - -
Steel Pedestal 1 - - -
Air Manifold Ball Valves 3 - - -
6' Power Cord With Plug 1 - - -


Recommended Pond Size Recommended Pond Depth
2 to 4 Surface Acres Minimum 8 Feet to Maximum 25 Feet

The ECONOAIR-300 pond and lake aerator includes these important BENEFITS:

  • Increased dissolved oxygen levels and gas exchange throughout the entire aquatic ecosystem
  • Complete water column “lifting”, "entraining" and "de-stratification"
  • Increases naturally occurring biological activity and life
  • Releases harmful gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia
  • Reduces aquatic weed growth when combined with bacteria additives
  • Can be used to "push" air thousands of feet from an electric source
  • De-ices in cold climates to greatly minimize seasonal fish kills
  • No electricity in the water for safe operation in all seasons