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AQUALINE Self-Sinking Tubing


AQUALINE I.D. Tubing Size
AQUALINE Tubing Length
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 AQUALINE™ self-sinking pond and lake air supply tubing is, non-kinking air supply tubing that will stay on the bottom of your pond or lake when filled with air from your compressor. This eliminates the need for weights on the air supply pond tubing.

Our heavy-duty pond and lake aeration systems self-weighted air supply pond tubing is made from a thick-walled extruded PVC making it very pliable (even in cold weather), easy to install and environmentally safe to use in any aquatic environment.

  • AQUALINE™ is An American Brand!
  • All Virgin Material | Not Recycled
  • Smooth Bore Inside Reduces Friction
  • Superior Flexibility Makes Installation Easy
  • All Boxed Rolls of AQUALINE™ weighted tubing ships UPS
  • All Reels of AQUALINE™ weighted tubing ship LTL motor freight [call for quote]
3/8" 1/2" 5/8" Shipping Weights

Inside Diameter .375 .500 .625 N/A
Outside Diameter .75 .960 1.065 N/A
Max CFM Flow 1.8 2.2 4.1 N/A
50' Boxed Rolls N/A Yes
N/A 24 Pounds | UPS
100' Boxed Rolls Yes
48 Pounds | UPS
300' Reels N/A N/A Yes
170 Pounds | Truck
500' Reels N/A Yes
N/A 184 Pounds | Truck