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Whats The Package? 

In this package we're offering a complete DIY sub surface only pond aeration system for a larger 2+ surface acre farm pond.  You MUST have a building or other structure to house the air compressor in.  Never allow your air compressor to become wet, in addition its important to keep the compressor dry at all times. You must also keep the air compressor well ventilated to reduce heat. Heat is the number on reason for air compressor failure.

Whats In The Package?

  • 1 RELIANCE 6.5 dual piston 1/2hp air compressor [select your voltage]
  • 1 standard 3 valve air splitter that easily mounts on your air compressor
  • 3 of our dual membrane self sinking airBASE diffuser assemblies
  • 300' [3 rolls] of our 3/8" ID self sinking aquaLINE air supply tubing

Other Information:

  • Compressor produces about 5.5cfm of air
  • Compressor operates on about 3.6 amps with 120v 
  • Compressor Includes 2-Year warranty when housed appropriately
  • Compressor operates at 70dbs or less
  • Estimated monthly operation cost is about $35 per month

Estimated Savings:        $500.00


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