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3-Valve Aluminum Air Manifold With Valves


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3-Valve Air Manifold
Made from high grade anodized aluminum, all brass fittings, and NEW! Micro Adjust™ precision ball valves make these air manifolds the best built valved outlets available in this industry by far. Each manifold comes standard with our powder coated oven baked steel mounting bracket with 6 mounting holes. This complete air manifold is designed to be mounted either inside or outside your building, on your dock or anywhere else you want to mount it.

Each air manifold comes standard with our New! Micro Adjust™ precision ball valve(s) for accurate air flow control, 1/2" or 5/8" brass barbed fittings for easy connection to our weighted AQUALLINE™ self sinking tubing, 40 psi pre-set pressure relief valve and 0-15 psi non-freezing glycerin filled pressure gauge.

  • Single Block Aluminum Air Manifold
  • All Brass Fittings
  • [3] Precision Micro Adjust™ Ball Valves
  • [1] 40psi Pre-Set Pressure Relief Valve
  • [1] 0-15 psi Glycerin [non freezing] Pressure Gauge

Please note, these air manifolds are considered a "special order" item, please see our "Refunds Policy" for full details on this merchandise.