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XTREMEAIR Pond and Lake Aeration Systems

XTREMEAIR® Patented Pond & Lake Aerators General Product Description:

XTREMEAIR® Patented Pond and Lake Aerators are the culmination of 20 years of design, development and engineering experience. Our objective is first and foremost to provide our customers with the highest quality, best built, longest lasting, superior quality aeration system we possibly could. Our motto has always been: “XTREMEAIR® the last pond or lake aerator you’ll ever buy”. We think we’ve achieved just that. And you’ll be happy to know that the XTREMEAIR® Pond and Lake Aerator is proudly, “Made In The USA”.

The XTREMEAIR® Patented Pond and Lake Aeration System has been designed in a way that allows the consumer to select the appropriate system[s] based on their individual needs. As aquatic lifting, turnover and gas exchange is often our, and your primary goal, the XTREMEAIR® aeration system offers the consumer several choices based on these design concepts.

The XTREMEAIR® Pond and Lake Aeration System offers several choices including the “Classic”, “Xtra” and “Ultra” designs. The fundamental differences between these options are [1] the airBASE™ assembly style and number used in the system, and [2] the size and number of Reliance™ air compressor[s] used in the Patented cabinet. These factors will have the greatest influence on aquatic lifting, turnover and gas exchange.