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Pond Liner Size and Shipping Calculator

Aeration Supply, Inc. is a major supplier of large, single piece RPE pond liners that includes our exclusive 20-year warranty! [on 24mil liners]

Many of our customers have tried bentonite clay or other means to try and hold water for their farm pond or other body of water. Occasionally this will work, but generally this is not a long term solution. Ultimately, this type of approach fails and a pond liner is required for a long-term solution. Our MULTIWEAVE™ brand is available in a 3-layer woven RPE [Reinforced PolyEthylene] material. We offer a 20-mil, 24-mil, 30-mil and 40mil pond liner depending on your requirements. Each single piece pond liner is made to order with any dimensions you require up to 50,000 square feet. The Aeration Supply, Inc MULTIWEAVE™ pond liner is Made In The USA!

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