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How does the WATER-FOWLER work?

For more than 20 years Aeration Supply has accommodated duck and goose hunters with a variety of devices designed to open up that pesky ice during prime waterfowl hunting season. Now BEARON Aquatics offers us one more tool, the WATER-FOWLER. The Water-Fowler uses the decades long proven performance of the ICE-EATER pumps and mounts the pump on a heavy-duty robust steel structure or frame work that stabilizes the unit thereby offering a variety of angles to set and deice as much "runway" for the waterfowl as possible.

Setting the structure up in 2' to 4' of water, usually only short distance from shore, the unit will deice out into the pond, slough or bay enough to tempt those honkers or quackers to come in and investigate. These units along with our XTREMEAIR diffused aeration systems can make a phenomenal opportunity for mid season and late season waterfowl hunting.