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SENTRY Large Pond Aerators With Cabinet

SENTRY™ pond and lake rotary vane aerators are an option for those lakes and ponds that are 15' deep or less. All SENTRY™ rotary vane pond and lake aerators utilize the standard GAST rotary vane air compressor to power the system of your choice. Every SENTRY™ pond and lake aerator comes with the compressor, cabinet, air manifold and fan installed and ready for operation. If you need assistance determining the proper unit, click on the "Pond Calculator" link here, or give us call at 715-821-5554, we're here to help.

The cabinet for the SENTRY™ lake and pond aeration system is made from 16 gauge galvanized steel and painted green with a powder coat finish. The cabinet is lockable and offers a locking hinge. The air compressor, electrical box, cooling fan and air manifold are all pre-installed for your convenience.

Select your SENTRY™ pond and lake aerator today, and your fish will love you tomorrow.

Available with single or double rotary vane compressor configurations.

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