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POWER HOUSE Optional Float Cage

$115.00 $135.00

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Protect your Surface Aerator with a Float Cage

A Float Cage is an essential accessory to protect you Surface Aerator from foreign objects. There are many reasons you would want to protect your Surface Aerator from floating debris, fish and wildlife. Whether you are trying to aerate your pond to prevent fish kills or algae bloom; these units are your insurance policy and you cannot afford any downtime due to damage.

This 1″ grid plastic coated, hot rolled metal screen kit will help protect your investment by preventing foreign objects from entering the shroud while remaining wildlife friendly so you can be confident it will be operational when you need it the most. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to broken propellers or blown out motors.

Large Float Cage –
  • Fits F750DP [3/4HP] Surface Aerator
  • Fits F1000DP [1HP] Surface Aerator