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POWER HOUSE High Oxygen Transfer Aerators


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The POWER HOUSE, Inc. high oxygen transfer aerators are unique in design, superior in construction and outlast competitors’ models. They are suitable for continuous operation in both salt and fresh water. Our units are shipped complete with mooring/positioning line and power cords. They can be taken straight from the box and after insertion into the float, can be moored, plugged in, and ready to provide instant aeration.

Each aerator is comprised of a sealed, submersible electric motor mounted by support brackets in a PVC shroud, which sits on a float collar that has been custom designed. Attached to the motor shaft is a scientifically designed nylon axial propeller which propels the water at the high pumping rate. As the water flows through the bottom of the shroud and four additional holes, it is mixed and oxygenated by the propeller and forced to and above the surface.

  • Ideal for Aquaculture and Wastewater Applications
  • Lightweight, Easy to Install, and Simple to Operate
  • High Oxygen Transfer at an Affordable Price
  • Ideal for Supplemental Aeration
  • Salt Water Compatible
  • Excellent Shallow Water Operations
  • Water Circulation with Little to No Bottom Turbulence
  • All Units are Available with Regular or Cast Aluminum Brackets
  • Double Prop Design On 3/4HP and 1HP
  • 2 Year Warranty
3/4HP  1 HP  
120v Amp Draw 7.0A 8.2A
240v Amp Draw 3.5A 4.1A
Optional Control Panel Yes Yes
Optional Debris Screen Available Yes Yes
Minimum Operating Depth 36" 36"
Approximate GPM Flow 1,050 1,150
Warranty Parts and Labor 2-Yr 2-Yr


Dual Propeller Aerators

The F750DP [3/4HP] and F1000DP [1HP] are unique to our aerator line. Although they carry the same The POWERHOUSE, Inc. staple of running under 9 Amps at 115V and 5 Amps at 230V to ensure they save you as much as possible on energy costs, they pump an amazing 25% more water than their single propeller counterparts.

On top of its production and running efficiency, the dual prop assembly creates a unique umbrella flow pattern that makes it aesthetically pleasing, where most aerators just offer surface agitation. These aerators look great with lighting accents as well. The high pumping volume degasses the water of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide while raising dissolved oxygen levels.

Degassing gets rid of nutrients which cause algae and weeds, resulting in both clearer water and decreased odor. Aeration also mixes the water, minimizing anaerobic zones in bottom water and bottom sediment surface. This stimulates the conversion of potentially toxic ammonia to nitrite (also toxic), and finally non-toxic nitrate.

With our preassembled units, installation can be accomplished in just minutes! Because units are lightweight, for emergency pond aeration, these units can easily be moved from one location to another by a single person.