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POWER HOUSE F Series STD V Pattern Decorative Pond Fountain


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Keeping our principles for efficiency and sustainable aquatic life in place, The Power House, Inc. offers an alternative for those who prefer aesthetics as much as pond aeration. Minimal horsepower and low running amps combine to create a classic looking circular “V” pattern fountain.

Throwing large goblets of oxygen depleted water as high as 6′ up and as far as 21′ out helps expose it to air and transfers it to areas in the pond that are also low on oxygen. These aerating fountains look stunning with lighting accents and are a definite must for the pond owner looking for the best of both worlds in pond/lake equipment. For those keeping a close eye on operating costs this fountain’s lovely pattern is comparable to a handful of others on the market, but consume half of the energy.

These popular aerating fountains are UL listed, come standard with [2] 25' nylon braided mooring ropes, and a 2-year warranty.

POWER HOUSE F Series Aerator
1/2HP  1 HP  
120v Amp Draw 5.0A 7.0A
240v Amp Draw 2.5A 3.5A
Optional Control Panel Yes Yes
Optional Debris Screen Available Yes Yes
Minimum Operating Depth 14" 17"
Height Of Spray Pattern 4FT 6FT
Width Of Spray Pattern 15FT 21FT


Popular Accessories [Each Sold Separately]

  • Debris Screen Float Cage
  • 18W RGB Light Ring
  • 115v and 230v Control Panel Timers