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AQUAMASTER Volcano III 1.5-5.5HP High Oxygen Pond Aerator [Standard Open Nozzle]


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AquaMaster® Volcano 3 High Oxygen Pond Aerators were designed and developed specifically to maximize the amount of agitation on the surface of any pond or lake to add vast amounts of oxygen to the water.  The AquaMaster® Volcano 3 can increase dissolved oxygen levels quickly and enhance aquatic life within the body of water. Each AquaMaster® Volcano 3 is manufactured with an oil cooled stainless steel motor housing operating at a very efficient 1725 rpm allowing a low amp draw and effective efficient oxygen transfer rates. The float on the  AquaMaster® Volcano 3 is a low profile design which allows for a more appealing visual appearance.

Performance SPECS:

STD Nozzle Horsepower 1.5 3.5 5.5
Height | Diameter 3' | 8.5' 4' | 12' 5' | 14'
GPM Flow 1,324 2,130 2,734

1Ph Power Volts | Amps

240v | 8amp 240v | 16amp 240v | 26amp



  • Stainless Steel Motor Housing | Biodegradable Oil Cooled Motor
  • Available In "Standard Open Nozzle" or "Etna V-Pattern Nozzle"
  • Precision Balanced | Performance Pitched Stainless Steel Prop
  • Easy Carry Heavy Duty Handles On Float
  • Outdoor Rated Heavy Duty UL Listed Control Panel Included
  • Low Profile Visually Appealing Float Design
  • Only Requires 36" Of Water For Operation
  • Very High Oxygen Transfer Rates
  • Exclusive Underwater Aqualock Cable Disconnect
  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty On 1.5-5.5HP Units

Optional FEATURES:

  • Night Glow LED Lighting Options With Compatible Panel
  • LED Lights Are Sold Separately & Require Upgraded Panel
  • Customizable Control Panels To Handle Multiple Units On One Panel
  • Deep Water Intake Nozzle Are Available
  • Please call us at 715-821-5554 To Discuss Your Options