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POWER HOUSE High Oxygen Transfer Pond Aerator

The POWER HOUSE high oxygen transfer aerators draw large volumes of water through the bottom of the shroud and four additional holes, the propeller mixes and forces the water above the surface through our patented unique design. The high pumping volume degasses the water of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide while raising dissolved oxygen levels.

Degassing gets rid of nutrients which cause algae and weeds, resulting in both clearer water and decreased odor. Aeration also mixes the water, minimizing anaerobic zones in bottom water and bottom sediment surface. This stimulates the conversion of potentially toxic ammonia to toxic nitrite, and finally non-toxic nitrate.

The POWER HOUSE is proudly Made In The USA!

Multi unit discounts are available - call for details.

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POWER HOUSE High Oxygen Transfer Aerators
From $1,330.00 - $1,550.00
POWER HOUSE Optional Float Cage