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POWER HOUSE 1/2HP & 1HP Std V-Pattern Decorative Pond Fountains

The POWER HOUSE F-Series Standard V-Pattern Aerating Fountains provide excellent aeration to any lake or pond while displaying a stunning circular-V shaped conical water pattern. Throwing large droplets of oxygen-depleted water as high as 6′ up and as far as 21′ from the center helps expose the water to air and transfers it to areas in the pond that are also low on oxygen.

For those keeping a close eye on operating costs, these fountains are comparable to many on the market but use half of the electrical power as most. These lightweight and rugged models can operate in water as shallow as 14”. The beauty can be enhanced by our LED Fountain Light Sets.

For straight forward, quick installation of your new decorative pond fountain, give the POWER HOUSE F-Series serious consideration.

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POWER HOUSE Optional Float Cage