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AQUAMASTER Volcano II 1/2-3.5HP High Oxygen Pond Aerators® has been a distributor of AquaMaster® products for more than a decade. We can assist you in choosing the proper decorative pond fountain or high oxygen aerator for your application.  Call us today at 715-821-5554 to discuss your needs.

AquaMaster® is the clear choice when desiring maximum aeration results with any floating surface aerator. The low profile surface eruption pattern is produced by incredible pumping rates which produce high oxygen transfer results. The perfect choice when a high performance, lower profile, floating surface aerator is desired. Volcano II and Hydromax Aeration Series produce astonishing aeration results due to their high GPM pumping rates and oxygen transfer capabilities.

Give even more drama to your Volcano II aerator or Hydromax by adding the UL, cUL Listed and CE Recognized Night Glow LED Lighting System. Any lighting system choice includes stainless steel lamp housings, ready to be installed on the float, sealed with clear tempered glass lenses in a stainless steel clamp ring. Minimal installation is required. All lights remain water-cooled and out of sight below the surface.

AquaMaster® is proudly Made In The USA!

Multi unit discounts are available - call for details.

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AQUAMASTER Volcano II 1/2-3.5HP High O2 Pond Aerators
From $2,639.00 - $6,999.00
AQUAMASTER Volcano II 1/2-3.5HP Hydromax ETNA Pond Aerator
From $2,756.00 - $7,445.00
AQUAMASTER Volcano II 1/2-3.5HP Hydromax SHASTA Pond Aerator
From $2,756.00 - $7,445.00